Enroll in CPE

Step 1: Select your Training Mode

ICPT offers three modes for your CPE training.

  1. Standard "classroom" method conducted at a CPE Center  Students meet once per week for 4–6 hours to discuss case studies and receive "gifting", present book reviews, and present or review didactics, etc.; and they perform their clinical hours at associated facilities such as hospitals, hospice facilities, correctional facilities, corporations, or their current place of ministry to name a few.
  2. Long-distance training  The long-distance program was designed for the busy pastor, chaplain, or employee that cannot leave their current place of ministry or work to attend one of our Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Centers. Without this option it is extremely difficult for those who need credentials to pursue their calling in the ministry and yet do not have the time or monies to put their life on hold or uproot their families. ICPTs online program allows trainees to do all of their clinical hours at their current ministry location while at the same time utilizing email, phone, discussion boards, and in some cases Skype, to fulfill their classroom hours. ICPT is proud to be the pioneers in this innovative process which has allowed students from all over the world partake in our program.
  3. Evidence-based training (onsite or longdistance)  This new addition to our programs is conducted in collaboration with the Spiritual Care Association and includes specific evidence-based online training with knowledge based testing. This enhancement can be added to either our longdistance or onsite programs. For more information on the evidence based program go to the Spiritual Care Association page here.

CPE units are 12 weeks in length. The unit consists of 300 clinical hours and 100 "classroom" hours.

ICPT defines its online CPE program as a "specialized type of ministerial training which does not interrupt the trainee's life or calling." The student does not extend into the CPE journey, but rather, the journey extends into the life of the trainee.

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Fill Out the Application

  1. Choose which unit you wish to apply for (See our schedule)
  2. Decide whether you are enrolling in an on-site or long-distance unit.
  3. Decide whether you are enrolling in a standard or enhanced unit.
  4. Download and complete our application (.DOCX or .PDF - incomplete applications will be returned
  5. If you need a payment plan, download and complete the Request for Payment Plan.
  6. Submit your application as an e-mail attachment (preferred) to the office of the Registrar at application@clinicalpastoraled.org or mail it via USPS to our offices at:
    The Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training
    Office of the Registrar
    PO Box 620822
    Orlando FL 328320822
  7. Submit the application fee using the button below or you may send it to our corporate office at the address above. Applications will not be processed without this.
  8. Other payment options are:
    • Personal Check
    • Money Order
    • Your bank's bill pay system
    • Cash or telephone payments will not be accepted.
  9. Once your application is received and accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter. At this time, your full tuition or first payment is due. You will not be permitted to begin your unit unless your tuition is paidinfull or you are on an approved payment plan (see the fees section). To apply for an approved payment plan, please submit the Tuition Assistance Request.
  10. Your supervisor will be announced approximately one week before the start of the unit
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Application Fee
$75.00 – one-time fee
Non-Healthcare Track Only – CPE Unit – $600.00
Healthcare Track – Evidence‐Based CPE Unit – $900.00
Returned Check Fee (any reason)
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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy – In the event of cancellation or withdrawal from the CPE program after the application has received, ICPT will use the following refund policy:

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Employment Statement

Obtaining CPE units or board certification through ICPT does not guarantee a vocational chaplaincy position. CPE and board certification are simply requirements for most institutions. Each institution sets its own requirements and applicants must meet those requirements in order be considered for a position.

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